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Buddha Bronze Statues Sculptures :

This statue of Buddha is ordered by Lohabande. It is ordered in 2007. It is 45 feet High Buddha Statue at Mukhed, Nanded, Maharashtra. It took 6months to the sculptor to make this statue with the help of 10 workers.
Bodasu venkataramana, who makes bronze statues of buddha has been in this traditional craftsmanship. He have been using traditional lost wax method to make the Hindu and Buddhist statues and sculptures. Though this is his professional business but due to high demand of our Hindu and Buddhist statues and sculptures, he extends his manufacturing processing with more master sculptures equipped with traditional base that makes his statues unique in designs. We have no doubt in the abilities of this traditional craftsmen professional that has involved in all stage of the production process. He are open to all kinds’ design and improvisations

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