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25 Feet Dr. B. R Ambedkar Statues Sculptures :

My name is Bodasu Venkataramana. I have been making Dr.Br. Ambedkar statues from 25 years. Ambedkar is our indian economist, politician and social reformer. I admire him alot and he is my role model, I’m so inspired of his efforts in making Modern India. To spread his views, achievements and eminence I made more than 2000 Ambedkar statues all over india till now.

Now I have made the India’s tallest Baba saheb Ambedkar statue.Which is of 25 feets in cement to commemorate his countless accomplishments. It has most realistic features and this is my finest artistic piece which I made in one year with my own expense and interest.

It is my dream project of placing this statue in bronze material by the help of government because bronze captures moments for lifetimes to come. The details I added to my work serve as a history.


The statue is of standing posture wearing a coat, spectacles, holding our constitution book in the left hand and pointing the finger with right hand.

I made so much research for the original pictures and videos of Ambedkar to bring the exact and finest resemblance in the statue. My only dream is to serve India with my finest artistic creations.

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